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Build on the world’s first ZK Aggregated Layer 3 and access limitless liquidity with zkLink's Rollup solutions.

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Rollups For All Use Cases & Sizes

zkLink Nova : General-Purpose Aggregated Layer 3 Rollup

The Aggregated Layer 3 that solves liquidity fragmentation for ETH Layer 2s

Build any EVM application with high throughput, speed and the inherited security of Ethereum. Application states are synced across ETH L2s and settled on Ethereum for maximum composability and compatibility. Leverage our vast ecosystem of hundreds of partners and never worry about liquidity fragmentation, complex chain-specific deployments, security risks, or high deployment costs ever again.

zkLink X : Application-Specific Aggregated Rollup

Highly customizable trading-specific rollups for high performance ZK Applications

Build and customize trading-specific zkVM Rollups precisely for your application’s distinct needs. App-rollups are equipped with optimized ZK circuits, giving you unfair advantages of efficiency and security by an order-of-magnitude. Develop in a high performance environment and easily connect to limitless liquidity and users from any blockchain in a matter of minutes.

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zkLink Hub

Explore the zkLink Developer GitHub to discover the underlying technologies used to construct the linked future of zkLink’s Aggregated Layer 3.


DApp Rollups

Build out high performance applications with zkLink’s infrastructure. Explore exciting new use cases made possible on the zkLink ecosystem.



zkLink Nova Testnet

Multi-chain state synchronization frameworks (Origin and Nexus)

ZK circuits customized for order book spot trading

ZK circuits customized for order book perps trading

Building Now

zkLink Nova Mainnet

Integrate modular DA for the Nova network

Support ZK Oracle for zkLink X

Building Next

Integrate decentralized sequencer service

Support decentralized proof auction market

Support new use cases for zkLink X

Integrate hardware acceleration solution

New proof system implementation

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