Multi-Chain Simplified

A ZK-Rollup trading infrastructure empowering DeFi, RWA, and NFT super dApps in a rollup-centric, multi-chain world.

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Linked Networks

Aggregated Assets

Enabling native token trading across various blockchains and rollups, managed by a single wallet, without the need for a bridge, reducing cross-chain risks, fees, and complexities.

Unified Liquidity

Tokens issued by the same entity on different chains can be merged into a single token. A unified pricing currency, USD, is introduced to eliminate disparities among stablecoins.

Rigorous Security

ZK-Proofs provide mathematical verification for transactions and off-chain state validity. Two staged security design for the most secure multi-chain trading products.

Dev-Centric, User-Friendly

App-specific ZK circuits customized for decentralized trading


Enhanced Performance

System Scalability for high-speed and low-cost transactions, up to 1000+ TPS.

Customizable Solutions

Selectable network collections and DA deployment. Customizable features to meet diverse demands.

Plug and Play

We’ve done the hard part. Deploy your dApps with a few lines of code with zkLink APIs.

Single Wallet

Manage multi-chain assets at one stop, supporting AA wallet, EOA wallet, and CEX deposit & withdrawal.

Unlimited Pairs, Deep Liquidity

Trade countless multi-chain trendy assets with deep liquidity in a secure, non-custodial environment.

Minimized Cost

Gasless transactions on ZK-Rollup, minimized trading fees, creating cost-effective trading opportunities.

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2023 Q1

Optimize multi-chain limit orders settlement performance

A major upgrade on L2 performance

Finish L2 blockchain explorer upgrade

Connect to Avalanche

2023 Q2

Connect to Starknet

Support high concurrent trade

Final round incremental code auditing

Optimize circuit performance

2023 Q3

Launch zkLink mainnet

Develop derivatives trading

Support oracle price feed

Improve the parallel processing capability of rollup servers

2023 Q4

Support derivatives on mainnet

Connect to more zkEVMs

Develop hardware accelerator

Support NFT minting & trading