Multi-Chain OrderBook Dex

Cross-chain trading with zero gas fees and high security.

zkLink Offers a Fully-Functional CLOB DEX Experience


zkLink ensures a faster and improved user experience by accessing multiple networks and assets through a simplified interface.

High Security

zkLink inherits the security of Ethereum by using zk-SNARK technology, thereby ensuring the security of cross-chain transactions.


Users control their accounts through a smart contract rather than simply a private key. This ensures decentralization, transparency, and gives users self-custody over their assets.

Zero L2 Gas Fees

There are no gas fees while trading on Layer 2s. By moving transactions off-chain to the L2, users only pay low transaction fees.

The Core Features of zkLink CLOB

We’re delivering groundbreaking solutions to decentralized exchanges through an innovative approach.


zkLink is considerably smaller than general-purpose zk circuits, resulting in lower computational resources and on-chain gas consumption.

Multiple-ZK Rollups

zkLink connects to multiple general purpose ZK-Rollup L2s and Optimistic Rollup L2s, makes zero security compromises, and prevents deposit fraud.

Highly Customizable

zkLink offers developers a high level of customization, such as the choice of which networks to connect with, which DA layer to use, and other tailor-specific functions.

Case Study: Discover ZKEX

ZKEX is the first bridgeless multi-chain DEX to be built on top of multiple ZK-Rollups.
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