zkLink Pioneer Program

Are you a builder, believer, enthusiastic in zkLink? Be a zkLink pioneer today. Shape the future of decentralized technologies with us.

Become a Pioneer

Explore the Blockchain Horizon with zkLink Pioneers

The zkLink Pioneer Program presents an exceptional initiative aimed at spreading the awareness and education about zkLink.

Pioneers play a significant role in building zkLink community, driving adoption across the ecosystem, and most importantly, being the backbone of zkLink.

Whether you're a loyal user of our ecosystem dApps, a social media enthusiast or simply an active community member, we invite you to embark on this exciting journey into the future with us as a zkLink Pioneer.

Benefits & Rewards for zkLink Pioneers

As part of zkLink community, pioneers have access to token rewards, exclusive events, workshops, networking opportunities and more.

Token Grant Rewards

Get ZKL token returns that are directly proportional to your efforts.

Job Opportunity

Outstanding Pioneers may have the opportunity to join the zkLink Core DAO team.

Exclusive Access

Connect with a community of like-minded individuals and expand your web3 network.


Be acknowledged with exclusive roles on the zkLink Discord server.

Responsibility of zkLink Pioneer

As a Pioneer, you will play a vital role in following key areas. Your contribution is valuable in driving the impact of shaping the future.

Content Creation

Produce content, such as memes, educational articles, videos, and analysis reports related to zkLink. Actively help tweet/retweet, post blogs, and TikToks.

Community Contribution

Support the community through activities like server boosting, feedback, management assistance, and more.


Help zkLink find potential partnerships and provide relevant information resources.

Event Management

Enhance zkLink's reach through event and group management. Organize meetups, workshops, and online events as a Pioneer.

Apply now and become a zkLink Pioneer

We look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with our zkLink Pioneers. It’s time to board the ship heading towards a new era!
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